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As part of this next phase of The Cornhill Quarter Masterplan, Lincolnshire Co-op is bringing forward proposals for a new 150-bedroom hotel on the former City Square Centre site, off Melville Street.

An outline planning application will be submitted for this part of the scheme, and more details of the hotel proposal will come forward as part of later planning applications once a preferred hotel operator has been selected.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of Central Lincolnshire’s economy, with Lincoln attracting over 3.3 million visitors a year. Our proposals for a new hotel present a unique proposition for The Cornhill Quarter and will support and enhance the city centre’s role as a key destination for tourism.

The key objectives and principles that have been applied to the proposed hotel scheme include:

  • Providing active frontages along Riverside South and Melville Street.
  • Enhancing the character of the surroundings, considering both historic form and contemporary materials, establishing a gateway and a destination on a currently underdeveloped site.
  • Respecting and prioritising key views, especially regarding the Cathedral, whilst offering a vantage point for the enjoyment of the historic setting.
  • Establishing jobs and economic activity in a key area of Lincoln City Centre, providing amenity to both residents of the city and those visiting from outside, with links to nearby transport infrastructure.
  • Responding to local planning policy and advancing the local hospitality industry in a zone defined as a part of Lincoln’s mixed-use area.


Indicative impression of a hotel at this location on Melville Street

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