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Lincolnshire Co-op is proud of The Cornhill Quarter regeneration so far, and delighted with the feedback from residents, traders and visitors about how the area is developing.

We are now bringing forward a sensitively designed proposal for a hotel that we feel responds to the character of The Cornhill Quarter and is in keeping with the area.

As with other recent developments within The Cornhill Quarter, the plans for the hotel have been developed through ongoing consultation with planning officers at the City of Lincoln Council.

The proposed 150-bedroom hotel sits on the corner of the River Witham and Melville Street, next to Thorn Bridge. At seven storeys high, the development constitutes a landmark building at a key gateway connecting The Cornhill Quarter to the historic city centre. The proposals also involve the removal of the footbridge across Melville Street.

The vision at this stage includes creating a lively and active frontage to key facades, creating an outward facing and inviting street scene. High quality landscaping will be introduced within the scheme. Six existing trees along Melville Street are being removed and will be replaced with eight new trees of at least 4m, plus shrubs, grasses and perennials.

The hotel will be accessed at the ground floor from Waterside South and Melville Street. The hotel enjoys full exposure to the street and public realm along both streets. A service access road and parking will be located between the hotel and the McCarthy Stone development.

Although the details are still being finalised at this stage, the intention is for the design of the building to be sharp, simple, and elegant, to reflect the regeneration of the area along Melville Street and the gateway characteristic of the site.

The design envisages a limited palette of external materials to maintain a simple elegance. This may include the locally prominent red brick or mottled grey to reflect the historic mill buildings in the area.

Indicative sketch of the hotel proposal


As part of the hotel proposals, the footbridge across Melville Street will be removed

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